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Przewodnik po standards i features

Zapoznaj się ze standardami i funkcjami środków ochrony osobistej MILWAUKEE® oraz ich znaczeniem dla Twojego bezpieczeństwa.

Kamizelki o intensywnej widzialności

Internal size adjustment
The product is size-adjustable so that the user can adapt product to their body shape.
Harness pass through hole
Product is compatile with harnesses. Carabiner of harness fits through back hole of the vest to comfortably wear vest over harness.
Zip closure
Product offers zipper to close securely.
Mic tabs
Product provides mic taps to store ear plugs, headhone cables or objects with hooks.
Reinforced pen pockets
Product provides reinforced pockets which can be used to store pens or sharp scredrivers without risk of puncturing.
Transparent ID pocket
Transparent pocket to show ID.
Vented back
Product provides great ventilation to stay cool during the day.
Internal pocket
Product provides internal pockets.
Padded collar
Product provides padded collar for more comfort.
Reinforced pockets
The pockets are reinforced to prevent puncturing with sharp objects.

Rękawice i rękawy

Secure Fit
The product fits and sits securely on the arm.
odporność na przecięcia E
Cut resistance level provided by the product.
odporność na przecięcia A
Cut resistance level provided by the product.
inteligentny dotyk
Product allows the use of a touchscreen devices.
Product ensuring a high level of dexterity.
Product protecting from cold, ideal for winter season.
18 gauge
18 gauge fabric for increased dexterity.
Nitrile reinforcement
Reinforcement between the thumb and index that increases longevity of the product.
odporność na przecięcia C
Cut resistance level provided by the product.
doskonała widoczność
High-visibility material.
odporne na ukłucia & ulepszony chwyt
Product offering a high puncture resistance.
Product offering an increased durability.
odporność na uderzenia
Product protection from impact on the back of the hand and fingers.
Product made of leather.
wzmocnione Armotexem
Reinforced palm with Armortex® for maximum durability and extra grip.
odporność na przecięcia B
Cut resistance level provided by the product.
Cut Resistance D
Cut resistance level provided by the product.